Weight-Sensitive Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Weight sensitive bird feeder

Weight sensitive bird feeders are designed to allow birds to feed at your feeder while closing access points to the seed with a squirrel’s weight. This type of feeder is adjustable in order to cater to specific types of birds. This means more seed is available to backyard birds, while less is consumed by squirrels. This is a more novel approach to keeping squirrels off bird feeders, avoiding the need for installing unsightly cages and mesh on your feeders.

Popular types of feeders are ones that hold birdseed in the middle of the feeder, capable of keeping squirrels out. The openings are generally located at the bottom of the feeder, lining up with seed ports. These ports allow birds to access seeds and close automatically when a squirrel climbs the feeder. Large birds and squirrels alike are hindered from accessing your feed once the access ports are closed off, without being harmed in the process.

Weight-activated feeders are an award-winning type of natural squirrel repellent, suitable for clinging and perching birds.

The moment a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, a weight-activated metal skirt drops down to close all openings. When they are no longer able to access food in the feeder, squirrels will learn to find food elsewhere. These feeders are well suited for just about any type of seed, with the exception of Nyjer (thistle).

The Best Weight Sensitive Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is “Squirrel Buster Standard

Squirrel Buster - Best Weight Sensitive Feeder

Chew-proof, Weight-adjustable, Ultraviolet-resistant, and more.

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