Squirrels: All You Need To Know

When you ear a scratching sound in your attic, you might have squirrels that have gotten into the house and now you are looking for squirrel traps. Squirrels are much harder to deal with than mice because they are so much bigger. Plus, one squirrel can cause a lot of damage even if it is not producing. There are 15 facts below that explain why you need to trap squirrels, and you will learn how to diagnose the problem, how to reach out for help, and what can be done to humanely deal with squirrels that have gotten into your home.

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The eternal struggle. Give Mother Nature just a few private moments and she will turn on you.

1. Mature Squirrels May No Weigh More Than A Few Pounds

You can use a squirrel proof bird feeder to prevent squirrels from stealing food, but some feeders depend on a heavy squirrel falling off. Remember that man adult squirrels are so small that they can balance on these bird feeders.

2. Some Squirrels Are Protected By Local Laws

You must contact a pest control professional to set squirrel traps for you. This is very important because some squirrels are protected by local laws. You do not want to harm or attack a squirrel that is protected because you could be cited, fined, or even jailed if you are not careful.

3. You Might Mistake The Squirrel For Another Animal Because Of Fur Color

You may believe that you have other pests in your home because you saw white fur or light grey fur. Remember that squirrels can be colored in many different ways. Plus, some tiny squirrels might make you think you have mice or rats in the house.

4. Squirrels Eat Fruit From Trees

A squirrel proof bird feeder is effective because squirrels like to eat fruit from trees. However, you need to make sure that you have removed squirrels from your house as fast as possible because they will want to eat food in your house. If the squirrels can find a way to your kitchen or find food that your children have spilled, they may venture into the living areas of the house.

5. Squirrels Can Squeeze Through Small Holes

Squirrels do not have shoulders like humans. This means that the squirrel can squeeze through any hole that is the size of their head. Yes, some squirrels are very small. However, some squirrels can be very large, but they can fit through tiny gaps in the exterior of your home because their heads are not all that large.

6. Squirrels Create Nests

Squirrel Nests

Squirrels will create nests in your home out of anything that they can find. You may have stored bedding and pillows in your attic, and those things need to be protected. Any squirrel that comes in the house will use bedding, insulation, and fabric to build a nest. Plus, these squirrels could climb into any part of the attic to build that nest. They might choose a box that you think is untouched, but you will be surprised to find their nest when you open the box.

7. Squirrels Seek Out Warmth In The Winter

Squirrels will come into your house because they are seeking out the warmth in the winter. You need to get the house repaired and set traps so that you can keep the squirrels out when it gets cold.

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8. Squirrels Can Live In Colonies

Squirrels could invite other squirrels into the house because they live in colonies. You do not want to find a colony in the house because you did not set traps and try to handle your pest control sooner. You may think that you are saving money, but you need to handle the squirrel problem before you have a dozen or more living in the attic.

Where do squirrels go in a hurricane?

All over the place!

9. Squirrels Are Too Big For Mouse Traps

Squirrels are too big for mouse traps, and you cannot set them in the attic on your own. The squirrels will always get out of them.

10. Squirrels Are Also Too Big For Rat Traps

You cannot set rat traps, either. The squirrels are still too big for a trap because of how their bodies are shaped.

11. Squirrels Chew To Clean And Sharpen Their Teeth

Squirrels will chew on anything they can find to sharpen or clean their teeth, and that is a problem when they start chewing on phone wires, HVAC cables, and even pipes.

12. Squirrels Cooperate With Rats And Mice

Squirrels will cooperate with mice and rats that are in your home. Therefore, any pests that get in your attic or the walls of your house will work together instead of fighting one another for territory.

Squirrel Ready to Jump Hight

13. Squirrels Can Jump Up To 20 Feet

You need to make sure that you have set up traps on your roof even if you have trees far from the house. Squirrels can jump up to 20 feet, and that means that can easily jump onto some part of your house that gives them access.

14. Squirrels Can Run Up To 20 MPH

You cannot catch squirrels on your own because they can run 20 mph in any situation.

15. Squirrels Store Food Wherever They Can

Squirrels will store food in your home, you could have rotting food in your attic that was left behind. You also need to remember that other pests could enter the house to steal that food. Trapping squirrels helps prevent this from happening.

Why do squirrels always act like they are insane?

They want to be sent to the nuthouse.

The University of California gives more details about the ground squirrels.

Contact a pest control professional right away when you have seen squirrels in your attic or suspect that they have infiltrated your house. You should not try to set squirrel traps on your own because squirrels are complex creatures that will elude you. You need to humanely capture all the squirrels that are entering your home, and those squirrels can be release far from the house to stop your pest problem.

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