About me

With the idea of building a more sustainable, eco-friendly life, my wife and I moved to Colorado from busy New York ten years ago. Our house is close to nature, and watching the birds visit our backyard is something that brings joy to our days. Bird watching slowly became a hobby, which easily complimented my other hobby of photography.

Hi, my name is James T. Hume.

Why did I start this website?

To be frank, fighting with squirrels is a fun activity of mine, so I collected all of my knowledge and combined it with further info from various sources. I have experimented with several types of squirrel proof bird feeders, as well as tested a multitude of methods on ridding my feeders of squirrels.

I work to improve my website’s content, by regularly adding tried methods and ideas on dealing with troublesome squirrels.

Do I hate squirrels?

In short, no. Over the course of a year, I became increasingly frustrated with squirrel invasions on the feeders in my yard, but I came to the conclusion that they are part of nature, too. They are very stubborn and eager to do just about anything to get to those seeds. Rather than fighting with it, I found it better to join nature, instead. I enjoy challenging squirrels and, while I can never be stronger, I can become more clever in my approach.

Let’s connect

I try my best to respond to any messages as quickly as possible. If you have input you’d like to share, please send a message to me at jamesthume@gmail.com.

It’s important to recognize that this is all a game to enjoy – try not to take it too seriously. While I will never win forever, I can at least say I have already scored some points. Like everything else in life, we should adapt and evolve throughout this ongoing battle – squirrels will, too!

James T. Hume
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